What we offer

Working times

We offer driving lessons between 7 am and 5 pm on weekdays and some evenings and weekends.

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Meeting places

Driving lessons can start and end at various locations, such as Kolbotn station and Roald Amundsen VGS.

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Training in English

We offer training in English.

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Why choose us?

Why choose us?

Dedicated to giving you our best

Gasolini driving school wants students and parents to succeed. We give you our full attention. When the day comes that you get your driver's license, the people that care about you will be sure that you are a responsible driver.

  • Superior service
  • Professionally skilled
  • Satisfied students and parents
  • Car, motorcycle and trailer
  • Training in english
  • Short waiting time

Our employees

Helping other people feel a sense of accomplishment inspires us.

Skilled and committed driving instructors make a significant contribution to the success of Gasolini driving school. Openness to feedback and new knowledge is essential. Changes are made through reflection, and this is how we raise our standard a little every day. This is how we develop Gasolini driving school.

Andreas Johannessen

CEO and driving instructor

Jørgen Fauske Lysholt

Professional manager and driving instructor


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